No doubt about, in wedding video editing and photography, the experience is a great teacher. But that doesn’t mean you need to go in the cold when shooting a new project in a type of venue you may not be used to. As the weather warms up, the summer wedding season sees wedding parties gravitating towards outdoor venues. If you’re going to be successful as a wedding videographer, you need to be prepared to handle the challenges of shooting an outdoor wedding. These tips will help you get the shots you need to ensure that your subsequent wedding video editing goes smoothly.
Prep and choose the right gear for the conditions
In an indoor wedding, many of the elements are fixed, or static. Lighting will be consistent, and there won’t be any wind noise to interfere with audio recording. Be prepared for issues like these by scouting the location ahead of time to understand how natural light will affect your shoot. Plus consider whether you’ll need any special lens filters to accommodate changing or variable conditions. It’ll make the final wedding video editing go much more smoothly.

Be prepared for audio recording challenges
A windy day could wreak havoc on sound quality, particularly if you’re trying to capture audio from a distance with shotgun mics. Back up your audio recordings by investing in some small audio recorders you use in conjunction with lavalier mics. Put one on the groom, and you’re much more likely to pick up the audio clearly.
Be prepared for changing light conditions

As we noted at the beginning, the light you’ll encounter during your shoot isn’t as predictable as what you’ll encounter indoors. Passing clouds or other changes in the weather may mean that you’ll need to change exposure settings on the fly. Know your camera’s settings like the back of your hand, and, even better, practice shooting footage in a different light and at different times of the day. You don’t want to have to experiment on the fly during the big day.
Go to the rehearsal
As the old saying goes, an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. It always pays to scout the location where you’ll be shooting, and it will pay off, even more, to attend the wedding rehearsal to really get a good sense of how the events of the day will unfold. It will afford you a great opportunity to decide on camera placements and angles and will save you from having to make a lot of big decisions at the last moment.
Grab those B-roll shots ahead of time
One of the reasons that outdoor weddings are so popular is the variety of venues that can be used. Each will present their own interesting landscape and architectural details – details which can add a lot of interest to the final result of your wedding video editing. Take the opportunity to grab these shots when you’re not rushed, like during a scouting trip or the rehearsal.

Make the venue a character in your video

Don’t settle for just inserting some B-roll shots of the wedding venue when you’re doing your wedding video editing – strive to make the venue come alive and frame the action taking place. Experiment with ideas on how to frame your shots so as to incorporate the details of the venue into your larger shots and you’ll have a much more satisfying result when you begin your wedding video editing after the shoot is done.
Storyboard your shoot beforehand
Now that you’ve taken the time to scout the location and you know what’s going to happen during the wedding take a little more time and create a storyboard to work from for the shoot. This acts as a dry run, letting you know how practical your ideas are. And you’ll save a lot of time with you’re doing the wedding video editing the next day.
Plan for the unexpected
This is always good advice, but even more so when working at an outdoor venue. Know what the backup plans are in case of inclement weather or other situations so that you can adjust your equipment quickly and smoothly.

Have enough help
Outdoor weddings can be more demanding to the wedding video editing and shooting team, because of the different locations used and the space between them. Make sure you’ve got enough people to handle all the different locations and the gear at each, so you won’t be stretched too thin.
Be prepared and be professional
Make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running, equipped with all the gear and accessories you need for the event. Anticipate what may go wrong, and you’ll always be prepared. The real pros never take anything for granted, so follow their example and create a spreadsheet of all the gear and locations and check off everything the night before. Your reputation – and future business – depends on the work you do as wedding video editing professional.

Guest Article and photos submitted by Helen Clark- VideoCaddy