2019 Weddings: What’s Trending?

Like clockwork, as the previous year comes to a close and the new year is upon us, fashion and event planning experts begin looking for the tell-tale signs of what is to come for the coming year. These trends set the tone for events, including weddings, and decide how events are planned, styled, and executed. Even down to the color of the year, from Pantone (this year is Living Coral), trending styles can dictate fashion, accessories, decor, food, and even entertainment.


One of the first styles thought about for weddings is the style of dress the bride plans to wear. This year, brides are going to be making statements with everything in their wedding, all the way down to the sleeve. Long, statement sleeves are trending for bridal gowns to add elegance and flair. They add a return to romanticism to any dress and can pair nicely with the trending minimalistic look.

Modern Ring Settings

In recent years, we’ve seen a trend toward minimalistic engagement rings and wedding bands, focusing on the solitary stone rather than embellishing the bands. This is changing with a renewed focus on bringing more intricate designs back to wedding ring sets. Intricate engagement ring bands or wedding bands set with pavé stones like the ones found on sites like Blue Nile, bring a varied look to any ring set.

Statement Cakes

Naked cakes have been all the rage recently, including just the crumb cake frosting on the sides of the cake and giving a rustic air to what is traditionally an elegant and chic focal point. This year, we’re seeing another return to this, but with a twist and these aren’t your mother’s cakes. We’re seeing hand-crafted floral accents as well as wallpaper designs. This trend doesn’t have to take the (whole) cake, however, some couples are choosing to accent just one tier of their cake. This gives it a fun twist that will draw any eye.

Personal touches

This trend is all about making your guests feel personally appreciated and involved in the success of the event. Personalized place settings are rising in popularity, giving guests a warm welcome before the couple is even able to make the rounds during the reception. Custom food creations are also a great way to include guests and shake up the typical spread. Build-your-own bars, of all kinds, have been rising in popularity, as well. Think smores bars or even classic fondue. They allow wedding attendees more freedom when it comes to their food, which is always appreciated.


Amanda is an enthusiastic content creator who enjoys learning about and sharing trends, especially as they affect the wedding realm. When not collaborating with influencers, she enjoys reading historical non-fiction and taking a stroll through local state parks.