5 Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Gift Registry

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Some brides and grooms have their hearts set on a traditional wedding – we’re talking white dresses, something blue, the lot. An ever-increasing proportion of couples, however, are drawn towards the less conventional wedding experience. For these couples, it’s not only the venue and style of ceremony that gets a change-up – but the registry too.


If you and yours are eager to pass on the typical cutlery-and-linen registry in favour of something more meaningful (or simply more fun!), check out the following alternative registry options.


  1. White-whale fund

If the two of you have a specific project or dream that you’ve always wanted to pursue together (a white whale, if you will), then why not make this the focus of your registry?


Say you’re a keen writer and your partner is a talented illustrator; you could send everyone a blurb of the kid’s book you’re working on together, and get some financial assistance toward publication costs. If you’re going out on your own in a small business partnership, moreover, then your wedding might have come at exactly the right time to give you that start-up boost you need. Plus, for guests, there’s something special about enabling the happy couple to follow their heart’s vocation.


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  1. Charitable cause

So many of us have all that we need already, and what we don’t have, we can gradually accumulate. Rather than asking guests to fill up your china cupboards and linen drawers, then, think what you can do as a wedding party to make a real difference in others’ lives.


You could set up different donation buckets at the reception, and guests can choose there and then which charity they’d like to make contributions to. Another option is to organize a fun charity area at your reception: you could set up a personalized gazebo, and establish a whole mini-event for everyone to come and check out at their will, complete with makeshift photo-booth and maybe the odd fluffy animal or two.


  1. Wine trove

This alternative registry won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (or glass of Shiraz), but for the enthusiastic wine drinkers out there, it’ll be just the thing.


Not only will inaugurating a “wine registry” for your wedding fill up your wine rack for a good few years to come, but it will also take off the pressure from guests to choose a personalised present or to feel obliged to overspend for your sake.


  1. Honeymoon happiness

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances of having a top-rate honeymoon. For many couples, a honeymoon fund is a great compromise on the typical registry, as you can set up a whole catalogue of the activities and extras to be funded, and your guests can select according to their preference. If someone wants to shout you a hotel breakfast one morning, great; if another attendee wants to extend their generosity to a whole-day spa experience, even better.


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  1. Guest appreciation

Your nearest and dearest have travelled from far and wide to celebrate your special day, and in many ways, their presence alone is their gift to you. That’s why it makes sense to think of your gift registry as a way to say thank you to your wonderful guests.


Now, you don’t just want guests to contribute money and feel as if they’re getting a item they could purchase themselves any day in return. Instead, ensure that everyone’s donations are pooled toward a group experience that will be meaningful. This might be a brunch the day after the wedding or hiring out a local wildlife park for everyone to get together for the next holiday.


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