1. To help with preparations and plans
As with almost anything you are trying to do, if you have never done it before it takes twice as long to do, you are learning. This goes for planning an event. Event planners have done it a million and one times. They know the best vendors in your area, they know who has decent prices, they know the presentation of their work. This will save you countless hours, and wasted money on things. They know the best venues, can recommend a seamstress, they are literally your little black book for your wedding! They know the general schedule and what should come first and how long each thing at your event should take. This means your itinerary and timeline are a breeze.

2. To help set up and interact with vendors
It’s the day of your wedding and you realise you have to get ready and have to decorate the ceremony and hall. EEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!! you gather your girls just before make up time and run around praying and hoping they see your vision and that you can get it all done in time. oh and you have to be there to receive the chairs and dishware you rented and the flowers, cake, of and show the dJ where you want him to set up.
UMMM, that’s a hard NO!

3. To let you enjoy the day
Enjoy your day, get a mani pedi, have your hair done, do your make up, have brunch with your mom and the girls. be calm and hire someone your trust to take care of all that crazy, rushing around. Your planner does almost everything and makes sure the other people are in place and doing the jobs they are hired to do.

4. Save time pricing and researching other wedding vendors
I mentioned this above but this is a huge deal! How many wedding cake places would you call, price and taste? how long will that take? How many seamstress’ will you call and get a price from? How about caterers, and taste tests? this is a huge undertaking. You tell the planner what you are looking for and she will usually call or suggest two vendors to see what you like. this saves you time but still gives you choice if you are wanting to be involved. if you just want her to organise all that and give her a budget she will. How easy is that? How much time did you just save?

5. To make sure the day runs smoothly
With a professional helping to create your timeline there is less chance of errors. It is also their job to improvise and adjust the timeline during the day to ensure your guests are not board because the caterer says the food needs and extra 30 minutes, when you were just about to announce dinner. Let your planner handle it.

Guest post by: Candice Cole of Pearl Decor & Events in Cookstown, Innisfil Ontario, Canada