Your wedding will certainly be the perfect celebration of love between you and your partner, no matter where you decide to celebrate it and no matter how many guests you decide to invite. However, having an outdoor wedding will definitely bring out the most special feelings and set the perfect atmosphere that will make your special day truly unforgettable.


Outdoor weddings can provide amazing tranquility and they can be really breathtaking, but you need to make sure that you include all the essential elements in order to make the most out of the nature around you and, thus, make your wedding truly stylish, instead of making it look like an ordinary backyard wedding. Take a look at the crucial elements for your outdoor wedding, as they are certain to make your special day stylish and fashionable.


Beautiful and Breathtaking Venue

The wedding venue is a very important part of your wedding, since it will set the atmosphere for the entire day. You need to choose the venue very carefully, especially when you’re having an outdoor wedding. Finding a wedding venue that perfectly fits the style you want to go for is the key, because it will accommodate all your plans and make the guests remember it for many years to come.


However, when choosing a venue for your outdoor wedding, you need to think about not only its style, but also the unexpected weather conditions that may affect your special day, so you must be prepared. Therefore, the best option to go for is to set a marquee or a stylish tent, but make sure you install proper flooring that will not let through any ground water.


Stunning Decoration

Apart from the venue, decoration is also what will make your wedding day truly incredible. You can incorporate your favorite colors and choose a beautiful theme, but think about the amazing nature around you as well. Lace the aisle with rose petals and place gorgeous flowers overhead, as well as on either side of the aisle. Nature offers you so many options to choose from and, whichever you go for, you can be sure your wedding will turn out to be very fashionable.


Romantic Lighting


Lighting is very important for every event, especially for an outdoor wedding. You can use ivy to make amazing chandeliers that you can decorate with strings of twinkling lights. You can also make a stylish floral arch with beaded lights and add chic lanterns wherever you see fit.


You can also incorporate crystal trees either down the aisle or everywhere around the venue, as that will certainly make your wedding even more stylish. Also, add scented candles on every table, because what’s more romantic than candlelight?


Exciting Music

What’s a wedding without some great music? You should make sure the band or DJ you hire is highly entertaining, so that your guests will not be able to stay in their seats. Exciting music is guaranteed to make you and your guests dance the night away, so make sure you hire great professionals who will set the right mood and make everyone have the time of their lives.


Incredible Photography

Speaking of professionals, your wedding photographer must be experienced and impeccable at their job, so that they can capture all of your special moments that you will preserve forever. Your photographer must be able to shoot the best possible outdoor photos, so a great experience is an absolute must.


They need to be able to make your wedding photos look like photos from a stylish fashion magazine, so make sure you choose the best wedding photographer possible. In case it rains on your wedding day, your photographer must know how to turn the tables into his or her favor and make truly exceptional photos.


Professional Videography

The same goes for the videographer you choose for your wedding day, as they need to know exactly how to capture every important moment – from your wedding ceremony and reception to the first dance, the wedding speeches and all the fun on the dance floor.


It is their responsibility to provide you and your partner with the best possible wedding video that will enable you to relive your special day whenever you want. They need to know wedding video editing in their sleep, so make sure you do your homework before choosing your wedding videographer.


There are quite a lot more elements to be considered in order to make your wedding day truly special and to create memories that you and your partner will cherish forever, but the aforementioned ones are definitely the most essential elements that will make your outdoor wedding glamorous and stylish.

Guest post and photos submitted by Helen Clark