Award Nominations – LWC Vendors Only

Nominations are now open!

Please Read Before Nominating

All Nominees must     

– Be listed with Love Weddings Canada  

– Hold a business licence

– Have proof of 2 years in business (business licence will do)

– Can not have less than 4 stars on their LWC listing

– 2 reviews from the last year must be submitted

You may nominate yourself. No nominee shall submit work that is not their own. Nomination form below.

Awards are given out at the Annual Awards Gala.



  • Best DJ service
    • This category is open to all solo DJ’s, DJ Companies, Lighting and Audio businesses
  • Best event photos
    • Any Photographer may be submitted for nomination. The Photographer will be asked to submit 5 photos from any real events they have taken
  • Best catering at an event
    • This category is open to dinner caterers and food trucks who cater weddings
  • Best overall wedding concept under 30k
    • Planner must submit a concept and budget, as well as a minimum of 3 photos for the event
  • Best overall wedding concept over 30k
    • Planner must submit a concept and budget, as well as a minimum of 3 photos for the event
  • Best venue for weddings and events
    • 5 photos of different events hosted there are required to be submitted
  • Wedding / event video of the year
    • Videographers must share a link to 1 event video
  • Best setup and decor design   
    • Decorators must submit 3 designs of their choice, (2-4 photos per event design)
  • Best rental service
    • Businesses dealing in Decor, Chair, Tent, Linens, Porta-potties, etc… may be nominated for this award
  • Creative art design company of the year
    • Nominees may include, but are not limited to: Ice sculptures, Signage, Unique handmade items
  • Best invitation design
    • Nominee must submit 2 photos of each their chosen designs (no more that 2 designs)
  • Best event Entertainment act
    • Some examples of acts that qualify include: Musicians and bands, Mariachi bands, professional dancers, Acrobatic performers, etc…
  • Best floral design
    • Canadian florists qualify for this award
  • Bridal Shop of the year
    • This award is open to Canadian bridal shops and online Canadian bridal shops, but the home office must be located in Canada.
  • Life planning award
    • This amazing category is awarded to any person or business, whos career helps guide people on a good path for their lives together. It is open to Lawyers, Marriage counselors, Financial experts, Mortgage and Insurance specialists
  • Best cake / bakery design
    • Independent to large business bakers may submit photos of their 2 best designs
  • Best jewelry design
    • Anyone, or Companies who offer beautiful and unique jewelry designs may apply for this award
  • Beauty award
    • Hairdressers, Makeup artists, Salons and Spa’s are eligible for this award
  • Fitness / dance company of the year
    • Coaches and Companies may be nominated for this category
  • Coach award
    • Limo, Carriages, Drivers, Rental car companies may all be submitted for this award
  • Team player award
    • This is open to an event individual who has shown time and time again, they are willing to help out fellow event professionals, above their duty
Nomination Form