Card Boxes

There are so many unique designs trending for Card boxes. Not only for weddings but for lots of types of events; christenings, confirmations, graduations, etc.. These are a few of my favourite designs… some are easy to make.

For ones you can purchase or rent, the clear boxes are very popular right now.

   you can find this one on

 you can purchase this on or rent this classic style from

For DIY projects, wood is still a classic DIY choice for boxes.

just  use a milk create or wooden box. so easy to make! Simple, but looks great. Decorate it anyway you wish. You can use a small banner, stickers, flowers, a sign… all up to you.

 You can use an old suitcase or chest like this one and attach your own decorations to suit your theme.

 This one is easy to make, with boxes from the dollar store. you cut open the bottom and tops of the middle boxes. cut a slot for the envelopes, and decorate as you wish. See all the different styles listed at

An amazing place online to look with great prices is Boucoup, -wedding ideas and inspirations. The featured Mail box can be found there. 🙂

Happy Planning!



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