Many brides wonder fake vs real flowers… Whats best?

Real flowers usually look a bit better, but some silk florals have really gotten good over the years.

Real Vs. Fake Flowers

Real Flowers:

*The smell, can’t beat the soft sent of fresh flowers.

*The fresh, clean look they have.

*And after all it is tradition to give flowers to people you care about on special occasions.

Fake Flowers:

*Some people have allergic reactions to plants, grasses, flowers, pollen – this may be a consideration for your wedding.

* They don’t fall apart or get ruined if squished a bit (put on tumble dry for a few mins- good as new).

*They last forever, and can be cleaned. Nice keepsake.

*Fake flowers cost less than real flowers. (Almost half the cost, but life like florals are about the same price).


What you chose to do is all based on your personal preference. I hope this may help you decide, and weigh options.

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