So the holidays are coming up, and What better excuse to get the family together than the joining of two families?

Thanksgiving is the day we all generally spend with our extended families, why not have an extra reason to celebrate. Hopefully this will be such a joyus occasion that your silly uncle will make the most memorable toast at. Fall is a beautiful time of year, your photos will be amazing! Decor with wheat in the floral arrangements, garlands of burnt orange and golden leaves, latte coloured overlays and chair sashes… how beautiful and natural. Turkey and pumpkin pie inspired menus… mmmmmmmmmm! need I say more?

Valentines day works as a great wedding day as its hard to forget your anniversary with so much consumer advertising going on. LOL but it’s true. most venues decorate for valentines day so if your booked a golf course or similar style venue you could possibly save money on decorations.

Christmas weddings are so easy to decorate for as most people have Christmas decorations. Trees, twinkle lights, golds and silvers, whites and burgundy. Simply stunning! It is a happy time of year for all the children. If you have it just before Christmas children attending will be on their best behaviour as Santa is making his list!

Well, that’s just a little inspiration to get your juices flowing!