Every Bride, some Grooms and even some bridesmaids feels stress at some point of the planning process. Stress can do awful things to us from hair loss to tummy aches and even acne.

We can’t help solve all your problems but we aim to give advice when we can through posts and sharing other noteworthy blogs and articles along the way.

The day before a boudoir photos shoot I had booked for my sweethearts valentine’s day gift, stress reared it’s ugly head in the form of an under the skin, huge red, almost cyst looking bump right below my eye near my cheek bone. So… I rushed to my trusty cell phone and opened Google Chrome. I searched home remedies for acne. I read through so many articles some had 22 different items found in the kitchen that could help. Others had face masks and on the spot treatments. I kept searching until I found this gem!


I know what your thinking… did it work? Honestly, I made the green tea ice first. A few hours later… I used it to bring the swelling down. It helped but then I was all red. Then I put on a dab of lemon. Waited till it dried. Then the tea tree and lavender oils. Let it sit a little, before trying to cover it up. It was a bit less noticeable. I repeated the treatment at lunch time, just before my shoot. It was still there but even less noticeable. For the size it was I was very pleased with how quickly it was responding.

If you brides, bridesmaids or grooms need to try something and prefer a natural approach I suggest looking at this article on Bustle.com.


That’s me in the photo above. Can you tell I had a giant pimple the day before?

-Candice Cole, Founder of www.loveweddings.ca

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