Weddings are one of the most important events in every couple’s life and they can be truly exciting and magical not only for brides and grooms, but also for everyone attending. When you plan your wedding, you want it to be absolutely perfect, which can make the entire planning process a pretty stressful one. What can make it even more overwhelming sometimes is the money you are going to spend for every little detail that will make your wedding special.

How much does the perfect wedding actually cost? Do you have any idea how much money you would need to say “I do”? Let’s just say, if you are planning to tie the knot soon, the numbers may be very intimidating. The average cost of a wedding has increased quite a lot in the last five years or so and, if you happen to be dealing with a tight budget, you may want to consider saving some money first before you go and put a ring on it.


Nevertheless, whether you are planning a wedding on a shoestring budget or you have already saved up quite a bit of extra cash for the wedding of your dreams, the following numbers will give you an insight into the average cost of your big day, so that you can know exactly what to expect when you start with your wedding preparations.

A Wedding Venue – Ceremony and Reception


Finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the most important to-dos on your wedding day’s list of preparations. A wedding venue will set the atmosphere and it can make or break your entire special day. A wedding venue in the US will cost you between $1650 and $2336, depending on the location and the time of the year.


The wedding ceremony is about $435, and it may not be held at the same place as your wedding venue. You can go for a local park, hotel, art gallery or a community theatre, for instance, the cost of which will range from $300 to $1500.


Your wedding reception can also be held at a separate location and it will cost you about $1244. You can choose a bar, restaurant, museum, greenhouse or some private reception room. Renting a catering hall will cost you from $500 to $2500, while renting a luxurious hotel for your wedding reception can cost much more – from $2500 to as much as $10000.

Wedding Rings and the Wedding Dress


It’s all about the wedding dress, right? It’s supposed to make the bride shine her brightest and look like a princess so, more often than not, the brides don’t really care about their perfect wedding dress’ cost. Nonetheless, here are the numbers for the US: about $500 for a machine-made dress, between $2000 and $5000 for a designer wedding dress and at least $6000 for a custom-made one.


The price for wedding rings is not much different, with an average cost of $5978. It actually ranges from $1251 to $7991, depending on the state.

Wedding Invitations, Flowers, Catering and Cake


The price for wedding invitations depends on the designer and their quality, as well as the style you want to use. On average, they cost around $443, but you can also get them for around $700 in stationery stores. The average cost of hiring a reputable design studio to make your wedding invitations is $1200, but it can go up to $3000.


A bridal bouquet can cost from $70 to $300, while flowers for the wedding venue decoration cost from $100 to $200. The price range for a wedding cake is from $250 to $570, but you can always go with cupcakes instead, as that has become a trend with many couples.


Finding a wedding caterer is another story completely, as catering costs about $12790 on average for approximately 150 guests, but it is a very important part of your wedding, because you need to provide your guests with the best food and, obviously, drinks.


Wedding Photography and Videography


What’s more important than having the perfect wedding photos and videos that capture the most perfect moments of your perfect wedding (apart from the dress, of course)? You need to make sure you hire the best wedding photographer and videographer who can provide you with high-quality services. Wedding photography will cost you between $2500 and $10000, depending on the photographer’s experience and the amount of time they will be taking photos.


The cost of wedding videography ranges from $900 to $1200 or from $1200 to $1900 if you want to include the ceremony and reception. Your wedding videographer needs to be able to master wedding video production, so make sure you find someone with a lot of experience.


On the other hand, if you perhaps have a friend who wants to do it for free or at a small price, make sure they hire someone who can provide them with excellent wedding video editing services, so that your wedding videos are of the highest quality.


Bear in mind that there’s a lot more stuff needed for your perfect wedding, but everything else represents much smaller bits and pieces than the aforementioned necessities. Nevertheless, the bottom line is – your perfect wedding will cost quite a lot so, if you have decided to tie the knot, make sure you start putting some money on the side as soon as possible.

Guest Article and photos submitted by Helen Clark (links to business in post).