Sending Invites Outside of Canada? We Can Help

Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting times in your life. You have so much to look forward to from picking out your dress, finding your venue, choosing your bridesmaids/ groomsmen, choosing colors, picking out flowers, and planning your guest list. While this is very exciting, for some it can also be overwhelming. If you need help sending out invitations for your wedding Lakeland USPS can help you send your invitations out of Canada to your guests all around the world.

How Can They Help?

This USPS store has everything you need to send out invites for your big day. They can provide you with envelopes and stamps and help you decide on the best shipping method for individual guests. Not only will their professionalism and knowledge help you mail out your invitation but there priority mail and a satisfaction guarantee will ensure that your invitations arrive at each guest and that they are delivered on time. You can leave your worries behind and feel confident that the job will be done correctly.

Planning Your Invitations

It is estimated that nearly 20,000 people get married each year in the country and the average number of guests invited to each wedding is about 120 people. This is a lot of invitations that you have to be prepared for. If you want to ensure that your postal service needs are metyou can trust the professionals at USPS to help you.

Everyone that is getting married orders and sends out invitations for their wedding. If you are looking to find some unique and individualized wedding invitations you can attend the annual LWC Wedding Shows and speak with their trusted vendors. They only contract out the best vendors that they know will exceed your expectations. Most of their vendors will send your wedding invitation samples for you to look over. If you are looking for something spectacular and different from any other invitation you have seen, they also have one vendor who can make invitations clear. These invitations are sure to stand out and get people talking about your wedding.

Most couples understand that they need to send out invitations and have that on there to do list but there are also some things you should be prepared to mail that you may not have thought of. Many couples also send out save the dates. These quick cards remind people not to book anything the day or weekend of your wedding and are sent out a few months before the actual invitation arrives. If you plan on having a bridal shower or a Jack and Jill shower you should be prepared to send out invitations for that along with you thank you cards. You will also need to send out thank you cards after your wedding to thank people for coming and for their gifts. 

If you are planning your wedding, you should be prepared for all of your postal needs. You should start ordering your invitations and save the dates, purchase thank you cards for the shower and for after the wedding. You should purchase a lot of stamps in advance so that the cost does not hit you later. The more prepared you are the smoother the planning will go later on. Taking care of the small things early will help ensure that you do not forget about them later.