Speeches can be a difficult and scary thing for a lot of people. Finding the right words, to be funny, and do it all with class! Many of us out there would rather pay someone to do it for them…


People often pause for a few seconds when I tell them I’m a wedding speech writer.

“Wait a minute, that’s actually a thing?” they finally exclaim.

It sure is.

After graduating with honors in Broadcast Journalism, venturing to Dublin, Ireland to become the first paid international intern for The Sunday Times newspaper and eventually settling in London, UK for two and a half years working as the Business Operations Executive for The Economist Magazine, I decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the media industry and take on a more personable career.  Having travelled to twenty-seven countries, and lived in five of them, I’ve had a front row seat to the art of people watching.  I have always revelled in hearing other people’s stories, in sharing in their tales of woe and equally in their feats of joy.


When I was a teenager I went to high school in Woodbridge, Ontario.  The wedding industry there flourished so feverishly, so quickly, that local businesses were popping up to support the growing demand.  In the dozens (and dozens) of weddings I attended, I always overheard people of the wedding party stress about having finally completed writing a speech for the occasion.  It wasn’t until years later, after a friend suggested the business idea to me, that a light bulb went off.

Through my experience, I have found that the months and even weeks leading up to a wedding can be quite an exciting yet stressful time for all involved.  Making sure it’s a memorable day can put a lot of pressure on those chosen to give speeches.  That’s where I like to offer my expertise.


I work one on one with my clients, usually with an introductory phone call followed by a one page questionnaire to determine the nature of their relationship to the bride and/or groom. I get in depth information about moments they’ve shared together, funny and monumental, and I string together a speech on their behalf as if they had written it themselves.  I understand that such important days can be daunting and leaves people essentially speechless!


Each piece that I write is unique to my clients, I am empathetic to all religious and cultural weddings, to all walks of life, and I always ensure that a little humour is added to the touching side of life.


My clients have come from all over the world, from Ireland to South Africa and back to Canada.


I’m currently residing in Switzerland where I live on a farm with my fiancé and spend my days writing, venturing the countryside and having fun one on one video conferences with people who want me to help them write their speech.  It’s an incredibly rewarding experience, and I absolutely love getting to know each and every single one of you!


All my best,
Zara Lucia