Terms of Service


Candice Cole and Jo Macintosh

You (the Client) are responsible to send back your package, your details, advertisement (if applicable) and payment which can be made via e-transfer to,

hello@loveweddings.ca    Password: loveweddings

A billing receipt will be issued within 5 business days. Allow up to 5 business days for your listing to be activated.




By submitting a listing, you (the client) and the business listed agree to pay the amount required and provide the information requested for your chosen listings. Pictures and logos must also be mailed to hello@loveweddings.ca This deal is only given as the “VENDOR” package. If you wish to purchase a larger package, this special price is not in effect. The full price of the signature or platinum package must be paid. *There are no deals on those packages.


We (Love Weddings Canada) agree to fulfill the terms of the packages you have selected and paid for. The listings (except the First 25-life) are valid for 1 year. You will be notified to renew, 30 days before your listing will expire.

  • For the first (25) Lifetime listings will be up until requested to be be taken off.

You cannot be removed by admin, unless you have 5 complaints against you or the business listed, we will ask each party for details, and the administrative board will review “said” complaints or if you ask to be removed.
*Copy this contract and package information for your own records.