Wedding Rings With A Difference

More and more modern couples are moving away from traditional plain gold wedding bands and are looking for unusual ring designs for their big day. From rings with stones in to designing and making your own unique rings by hand – the only limit is your imagination.

The tradition of wearing gold bands as wedding rings started during the 19th century and they were originally exclusively for the very wealthy, or for royalty only. However the trend of exchanging rings generally, goes back way earlier.

The tradition of wearing diamond betrothal rings began in the 15th century and the idea behind two rings is that the gold band signifies the keeper ring and is supposed to protect the diamond. Men’s wedding rings only became popular in the 1940s.

Modern day couples however are now opting for many different styles and designs, including using engraving, stones and mixing up two different metals in the same ring. It’s also not necessary to wear matching rings, with many people opting for complementary rings instead. Here are some popular alternative styles:


Pear-shaped diamonds

These jewels have been inspired by vintage ring styles but are very much back in fashion and have a modern twist. Just the thing if you want a ring with bling. Who says diamonds have to be reserved for the engagement ring?


Twisted rings

These interwoven rings are symbolic of the commitment of marriage, with two lives tied together into one. They can either be plain metal, made with two different colour metals, or highlighted with diamonds.


Multi-metal rings

This trend has seen a boom in different styles, particular for men’s wedding rings, and allows more options when trying to match rings together. From different coloured golds woven together, to mixing it up with gold and platinum – the designs and styles are yours for the taking.

Another growing trend is for couples to visit a ring making workshop together, as part of the wedding planning process, and make their own unique rings. Often the couple will spend a whole afternoon, with champagne and other treats, and will make rings for each other which match.  Check out these handmade designs:

Recycled wedding rings

Whether you opt for a second-hand vintage ring to improve your green credentials, or make your own ring from recycled material, this is another way to ensure a totally unique creation for your wedding day. Another way to make your own unique ring and tick the green box, is to take gold that has been upcycled from other jewellery that you own, to use to create your own rings at a wedding ring making workshop.


A sprinkle of sparkle

For wedding rings with a modern bling twist then a small sprinkle of stones for added sparkle is another growing trend – check out these unusual designs. They can either be diamonds, or why not use your birthstone to make a ring that really is unique and personal to you for the big day.

Stack of diamond bands 

Another modern alternative is the use of very thin, diamond rings which can all stack together, representing the engagement, wedding ring, eternity ring, and can be added to as children are born and wedding anniversaries are met. The more events you celebrate together, the more rings you can add.


Five-Stone Ring Setting

Another option which is seeing a revival is using an eternity-style ring with five stones, as a wedding band. The stones can be diamonds, or coloured stones of choice to create a more unusual look. The stones can even be used to spell out words like Dear.


Spaced out ring sets

Another style which is gaining in popularity is deliberately choosing wedding and engagement rings which don’t fit together but sit on the finger separately, with a space between them.

As you can see, if you are planning a wedding for 2018, there are lots of styles with a difference to choose from. Whether you opt to make your own rings at a workshop, or choose completely different styles, the choice is yours.

With an unlimited choice of materials, from wood to recycled gold, and from diamonds to platinum, the only limit lies within your imagination. From vintage to home-made, from designer to low-cost, you are guaranteed to find a ring that will suit your style and your budget.

One thing is for sure, wedding rings have moved on dramatically from only being an option for the rich and royalty, to now being available at any price range and in any style and design of choosing.

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