So you chose to have a winter wedding, this is huge savings on decor cus you probably have a lot already in your home. The venue prices are usually cheaper for the off season. You can book vendors more easily than in the midst of wedding season. you wont be sweating in your photos. Winter weddings are great for so many reasons, the list goes on and on!

Now lets be real. There are some drawbacks too, but more goods than bads. Just be mindful of a few things and you and your guests will be so happy.

* Tips and things to consider when having a winter wedding *
1. When your guests arrive at your reception, make sure there is a place to hang their coats. No one wants a wet coat on the back of their chair.
2. Keep them warm. Offer some cider or warm drinks at the bar. Baileys in coffee with whip cream is always a crowd favourite.
3. Having it all at one venue is ideal incase of bad weather
4. Venues usually decorate for holidays so you will have less to decorate!
5. Umbrellas and cute hand warmers are great for outdoor photos, keep your girls warm and dry.

Guest blog by Candice Cole
Peal Decor & Events in Ontario Canada.